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Sacramento MC DJ

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the Difference


We arrive early to set up, then work our plan.
First we fill the air with music that's welcoming,
lovely, and at the right volume.

After guests are seated, the processional starts. First family, then bridesmaids and groomsmen. Each to the music you picked!

Butterflies kick in and YOUR music plays.
You begin your walk down the isle. The officiator has everyone rise (they hear perfectly because of the wireless mic we put on).

Now your vows, your voices break, emotion rushes out and everyone on the back row can FEEL it because they can hear it.

Then your recessional plays (the appause is
thunderous!) You are married!! Your family and friends are ready to celebrate!

A dj is a pair of keds. An MC is JIMMY CHOO. This is the part of our service that is a bit harder to illustrate. I often say that it is like trying to describe the taste of salt. The right MC is the difference between typical and spectacular. Which do you want?
How DO you describe the taste of salt ?

How it works....

Once you've booked us, we meet as many times as you need. In person, on the phone, or thru email. Whatever you need.
In our main planning session we cover every detail from the ceremony seating to the farewell dance and everything in between.
On the big day, we'll present every special song, each announcement, order of events, and any other details you've asked for.

We'll be ready.

We take great care of our clients.

If you don't know exactly what you want, you aren't alone. Most couples haven't planned a wedding before! We have tons of great ideas to help you make it personal. Just ask.

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