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Sacramento DJ Pricing

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What is it people are paying for? Equipment? Time? Talent?
Most importantly how do we represent our talent? And, why is some talent+thought worth so much more?

A woman was walking down the street in Paris when she
spotted Picasso doing some sketching at a sidewalk cafe.
Completely thrilled and somewhat presumptuous, she asked
Picasso if he would sketch her. Picasso obliged.
Within moments there she was: an original Picasso.

"And what do I owe you?" she asked.

"Five thousand francs," he answered.

"But it only took you three minutes," she gently reminded him.

"No, madam," Picasso said. "It took me all my life."

While we will rarely be the cheapest, NO ONE can do what we do
better than us.

With that in mind, well equipped packages start at 1299.






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