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Photo Booth Rental

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As with all we do, you get to set the parameters. Do you want to choose it? Would you like us to choose it? Will the guests be able to make requests? Are there any "don't plays"?

What about timing, flow, order? We detail all of it in our planning sessions so on that day we have a "roadmap" of what you want (and don't want), which turns to make and which to avoid. We'll also work with the other vendors to ensure it all goes smoothly and they are aware of all that we have planned.

Our style is easy, fun and comfortable. This day should be outrageously fun and entertaining.
We want to acheive that not just for you but for your guests as well.

Drop us a line or give us a call. We would love to show you what we have to offer and how it can fit perfectly into your plan and budget.


From the Grand Entrance thru the Farewell Dance this is the party where you can be the star. We are your voice of direction. We are there to be sure your guests are aware of (and feel) every moment. Laughter. Tears. Dancing. Singing. Hugging.

Drawing people into the celebration is what we do better than anyone.

Whether you decide on traditional or something off the beaten path, it is more about HOW you present than WHAT you present. People will carry with them the memories of an event filled with personalization and brimming with creativity.

Of course this is where we bring our extensive experience to bear on your behalf. We can help you with what ever you have in mind. We can also help in case you don't have anything
in mind. If you want them saying "this is the best reception I have ever been to", You've come to the right place. Give us call. You'll be glad you did.

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